Site Selection

The site of your wedding ceremony and reception sets the tone for the entire event.  While some brides like the casual feel of an outdoor wedding, others prefer a traditional ceremony at a place of worship.  Your consultant will work with you to determine what kind of venue will give you the ambiance you desire for your celebration.  No matter what your preference,  our extensive knowledge of the area allows us to find sites that will impress your guests and stay within your budget.

Your consultant will guide you through the interviewing process and assist you in securing the site that works best for you. Whether you are planning a big, formal event or a small, intimate ceremony, we will help you secure the perfect venue.


Some questions to keep in mind while searching for a venue include:

Is it large enough to accommodate all of my guests?

Does the location have any restrictions concerning entertainment or photography?

Is it available on the date I desire?

What costs are involved?

What services does the site provide?


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