As a couple, you want to preserve your wedding memories with high quality photography.  Finding a professional photographer who will capture moments from your ceremony and reception is essential.  At Wedding Without Worries, we work with many local photographers.  We know which ones are most talented and provide the best photos for the price.  Our relationship with these professionals allows us to give our brides expert advice when choosing a wedding photographer.

On the day of your bridal portrait, your consultant will assist you in preparation for your photography appointment.  She will make sure that your dress, hair, makeup, and flowers are picture perfect.  Whatever you require to make this event relaxing and enjoyable, your consultant will be there to deliver her expert advice and assistance.

On the day of your ceremony, your coordinator will make sure the photographer is set up and ready to go. She will oversee the photos before and after the ceremony to ensure that everyone is where they need to be and looking their best.  Your coordinator takes care of details like removing lint from jackets, straightening corsages, and brushing hair to ensure that your entire wedding party is picture perfect.

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