Can I afford a wedding planner? YES! We can work with any budget. Our relationships with local vendors allows us to save you money in the long run and prevent wasteful spending on unnecessary items.

Can’t a family member coordinate the day of for me for free? Yes, but without experience the stress will ultimately fall on the bride’s shoulders. When hiring a professional, we have the experience that if something were to go wrong, we can handle it without the wedding party having to be worried. The months leading up to the day with all of the planning are stressful enough, the wedding day shouldn’t be!

Is it too late to hire a day of coordinator?
It is never too late! If you have planned the perfect day and at the last minute decide you need help, we will be there to make sure all of your plans are carried out exactly as you have been dreaming of.

Is it too early to hire a planner? It’s never too early! After he gets off his knee (and the mothers are called) we will be happy to start from day one helping to make a perfect wedding day.

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